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About The Mariachi Soy Mexico NYC
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The Mariachi Soy Mexico NYC is a group of seasoned, skilled and talented musicians with an strong background in the Mariachi deepest musical roots, prepared to please their audience covering many genres of Mexican Latino and International tunes. We are proud to wear our Mariachi outfit to honor our previous and present generations representing our Mexican culture.

But the most valuable asset we have as Mariachi musical band is that we love and enjoy every aspect of our work and that's projected in every single presentation we make, from the smallest living room of a private party in you house to the biggest concert hall in the area. We Love what we do and it shows!


Mariachi Soy Mexico NYC is available for your event and to add the touch of joy and folk music of Mariachi. We also offer different options such as trio, quartet and full band of five to twelve artists.

Mariachi Soy Mexico - NYC
Our History

Leo Hernandez is the founder of Mariachi Soy Mexico NYC.

He did start his musical trajectory since he was 10, being the 3rd generation in the Hernandez family to continue the tradition started with his grandparent who was his first trumpet teacher, followed by his uncle.

He later he moved from his heartland (Puebla, PUE) to continue his musical education at Escuela de Musica del Estado de Tlaxcala (EMET).

Some years later he saw the opportunitu to bring the culture and musical heritage to NYC, and to continue his musical studies in the Biblioteca de Barrio’s library, to keep polishing his style and start his own majestic mariachi musical band.

Leo Dan Hernandez
Leo Hernandez, 10 years old
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A little bit of history

The Mariachi Band dates back to the 19th century in the Western Mexican region, around the surrounding states to Jalisco. Over time, this style of music has become popular beyond Mexico’s borders. In 2011, UNESCO named mariachi as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Where did the word “mariachi” come from?

Its origin is not really well defined, however many people believe it came from the French word “mariage.” That’s because mariachi bands would often play at weddings...until today. However, experts now say the word was in use in Mexico long before the French ever arrived.

Mariachi Soy Mexico NYC - Trumpet
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